ONE The Journey

Welcome To The Journey Of ONE

Concerned with a world becoming increasingly divided, first-time filmmakers Ward and Diane Powers set out with friends and family to make a documentary with a simple mantra: We Are All ONE. They ask life’s BIG questions to people on the street as well as spiritual masters in hope of unveiling the truth of our oneness. Remarkably, they were able to gain rare access to many of the most respected and inspirational voices of our generation. The story of this amazing journey along with the response to their questions gave rise to perhaps the most compelling independent film ever made, ONE: The Movie.

Privately screened in a small 25 seat theater in Southfield Michigan, the movie soon began to draw nightly overflow crowds, media attention and ultimately ended up featured in over a dozen international film festivals, being released in theaters over 25 countries and has now been translated into many languages and screening on six continents. Beyond the many accolades, something almost transcendent about the film seems to allow the positive energy of oneness to experientially emerge in to our world.

ONE has become one of the most popular independent spiritual films ever released. Public fascination with the film resulted in the development of many related programs designed to spread the message of oneness in many settings across the world.

And the journey continues ….