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ONEness Keynote Program


Members of professional and social organizations already share a common bond, so the opportunity exists to find deeper meaning and connections. When shared with professional and social organizations, ONE has tapped into the deeper needs of members — for introspection, understanding, and connection.

As a practicing attorney, filmmaker Ward Powers has keynoted conventions for many state bar, trial attorney and related gatherings across the U.S. since the fim’s release. Ward and fellow filmmaker Diane Powers have also appeared at events at universities, art institutes, spiritual communities, businesses, libraries, and private gatherings to share the experiences and lessons of ONE.

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Ward M. Powers, creator and Director of ONE: The Movie, decided to make his life extraordinary, and his “lawyer turned filmmaker” journey has intrigued people of all ages, races and backgrounds around the world.

Now, through the ONE Keynote Speaker Program, Ward personally brings this inspirational message—a call to “follow your bliss”—to a wide breadth of audiences.

Since the release of ONE: The Movie, Ward has been invited to appear as a keynote presenter at conferences and events across the United States and Europe, with a particular interest in bringing this empowering message of ONEness to professional organizations and corporate settings.

“Most of our members said this experience had a lasting and profound effect on them…”
– Carol Utley, Executive Director, Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association.

Diane Powers, Associate Producer of ONE and Founder of Bridgepointe Charity, has appeared at high schools, colleges and community events throughout the country to share her remarkable experiences and powerful lessons for living an authentic life.

Together, from industry to education to government to professional organizations, Ward and Diane offer a truly unique, entertaining and dynamic experience for your event. The response to this program has been overwhelmingly positive!

Many have described it as being among the most inspirational addresses they had ever heard. Others have immediately vowed to put this inspiration into action!

“I do not recall ever hearing so much praise and accolades after such an event…”
– Mark Kitrick, Justice Now Event

The ONE Keynote Speaker Program is available to all organizations that seek deeper dialog, stronger connections, fuller understanding and inspiration that can change lives. Contact us to learn how we can customize a keynote presentation for your event.