Educational Programs

Education is far more than imparting practical knowledge to help students lead productive lives. The real goal is to open the minds of students to new information and possibilities, diverse viewpoints, and a greater understanding of our world and the people with whom we share this world. Each time ONE has been shown at high schools or universities, the film has sparked enthusiastic discussion, often leading to ongoing and deeper inquiry.

Exploring Teamwork Essentials

Designed with college freshmen in mind, our program effectively meets several goals:

  • Eases student transition from home to college life.
  • Builds understanding and acceptance of diversity within the residence hall and on campus.
  • Prepares students to work effectively in team settings.
  • Accelerates the development of friendships.

The program consists of a booklet, “Exploring Teamwork Essentials” and college edition of the award-winning documentary film ONE The Movie with discussion to follow. Educating students on the essentials to effective teamwork, the program also builds student desire to understand, appreciate, and respect differences.

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