“Every once in a while a film comes along to lift the spirit and give hope to the human connections we all share. ONE is such a film.”
- Former Cannes Film Festival Panelist, Sam Ajluni

“…watching “ONE,” I thought back to that naive, shoestring project that Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda cooked up in 1969 that proved to be a lightning rod for youthful aspirations.”
- David Crumm, The Detroit Free Press

“ONE Small Movie Hits a Big Nerve”
- Arkansas Democrat Gazette (Headline, 7/23/05)

“I need to see the movie a few more times as my soul and head are spinning like an over caffeinated exponential equation.” -Steve Spreitzer of the National Conference for Community and Justice

“Absolutely worth seeing!”
-Pacific Sun

“This is a movie with the potential to lift the spirit and leave you with a huge sense of hope—all is well.”
- Odyssey Magazine Review, South Africa (2008)

” glimpse at least a spark of enlightenment in less than two hours in air-conditioned comfort with a soft drink and a tub of popcorn at our fingertips. I mean, goodness gracious! Can life get any better than that?”
- The Detroit Free Press

“I can’t imagine anybody seeing ONE and not feeling changed in a deeply personal way. What a remarkable movie!”
-Jim McFarlin, WB20 , “Flix and Pix, the Movie Show”

“… answers about our existence – and that’s gripping!
-Film Review of the Hamburger Abendblatt, Germany, 2007

“I expected that it would make me think. But I didn’t expect that it would make me cry.”
-The Detroit News, (Excerpt from a story 6/7/05)

“Impact of movie ONE is Multiplying”
- The Cleveland Plain Dealer (headline 7/23/05)

“ONE is a remarkable and spiritually uplifting film that just may have the power to transform your own view of the world.” - Emily Madison, Waterfront Film Festival

“Trio distills search for spiritual wisdom into ‘One’ film”
- San Diego Union Tribune (headline 7/21/05)

“Can three guys kicking around the country with a mail ordered video camera open doors on the wisdom of the universe? It’s beginning to look like a possibility to viewers…”
- Flint Journal, 9/25/05

” …documentary O N E gains cult status.”
-, Everything Michigan

“This film turns out to be one of the most interesting documentaries I have seen this year. … A great and at time, very humorous movie.”
- Kevin L. McQuarn, Movie critic, 2 The Advocate, Baton Rouge Louisiana

“Light ____ Cameras___________ Eternal truths”
- headline- The Flint Journal

-Northville Record

‘ONE’ singular sensation
- headline – “The Advocate”

“ONE: The Movie is moving, enlightening, surprising, disquieting, ennobling and ultimately astonishing.” - Light of Consciousness Magazine

“You feel good coming out of it”
-San Antonio Express News

“One of the most unique films of the year!”
- KRON Television, San Francisco

“The documentary is an innocent collection of wise and wry comments about the human condition. It opened in San Francisco to enthusiastic crowds…”
-Mark Williams, Seattle Conscious Choice Magazine

“One looks like a labor of love and is all the more stirring for it.”
– Seattle Times Movie review

“You may find yourself rethinking long held beliefs.”
–Jeff Ferrannini, Body & Brain Magazine Review